What we're about

Jesus asked us to go into all the world and make disciples. That's more than just having a religious debate, and it's more than just encouraging people to attend church.
It's about our lives being enriched and transformed by the grace and love of God. 
To make disciples is to show people how to live every day in the reality of God's transforming power. 
So that's what we're about, and we go about it in three ways:


Creating opportunities for people to hear the life-changing news of Jesus


Helping people to get free of the past and experience life the way God intended. We focus on:


We find fulfilment, meaning and purpose in life, and a deeper understanding of the love of God, through serving others. So we encourage people to volunteer in...

Thy Kingdom Come

Last but not least - we seek the Kingdom of God. That sounds a bit vague but it's what Jesus told us to do. The gospel is about more than just personal renewal, it's about city transformation, it's about bringing the love and justice of God to bear on every sphere of life in our communities. It's good news of a kingdom.

And so we work in unity with other churches and organisations to bless and support the spheres of life in our city - schools, local government, police and emergency services, businesses, hospitals, social services etc. 

And we seek to encourage individuals in their various places of work, that they might be a force for good, bringing positive change and better practices wherever they are.

If you'd like to know more, or even join us in our mission to transform lives and bless our community - please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!