Jacqui WhiteA Choir With A Difference…

The Gospel Centre Choir is now in its second year and by comparison to other choirs that have been established for much longer, we are still a relatively new group of singers. We first assembled as a group in February 2014 and since then we haven’t looked back - it’s been a great couple of years. Our members are from a diverse range of backgrounds that reflects our very own Church community. In essence, we are a group of individuals who enjoy singing together and have a genuine love for what we do.

Initially, the choir was created as an opening for people to get involved in singing and to enable them to build great relationships. It may come as a surprise but not many of our members have had any formal musical training. For some of us, being in The Gospel Centre choir is our first experience of singing with other people as a united group of singers. I can honestly say that it has been very exciting to watch the development of individuals and the choir as a whole. When one considers that we started out as a group that had no idea about singing together let alone in harmony to the point where we have grown and have become quite confident in this area of singing – it is encouraging to say the very least. I would even go further by saying, that being part of The Gospel Centre choir has also become a very rewarding and inspirational experience.

choir picApart from singing in Church, we have been rewarded by singing at other events. Our first opportunity to sing outside The Gospel Centre was at the annual Harvest Community Network conference 2015 in Wolverhampton. This led to an invitation to sing at the Uckfield Festival in Sussex towards the latter part of the year. Our most recent engagement was at the ‘Pentecost Festival’ in May held at the Bernie Grant’s Art Centre in Tottenham. We were involved through song presentations as other local church choirs and music groups took part in the post event concert. Both events were truly wonderful experiences for us and we received some great feedback as a result.
To mark our first anniversary in coming together as the choir, we celebrated with a Gospel music concert which was held at The Gospel Centre. It was an open event and we were joined by a number of other exceptional gospel choirs, singers and groups from elsewhere within the community. Needless to say, it was truly a wonderful time! Following the concert we were treated to an ‘International buffet’ provided by the Church folk who had generously contributed with lots of traditional dishes from their country of origin.

At the moment our choir stands at 18 members strong and our doors are open wide to anyone with an interest in singing who would like to come and join us. If you are interested we would love to see you. Rest assured you will receive a very warm welcome if you do decide to come along to one of our rehearsals. Don’t worry about your singing ability or whether or not you have the experience. We are here to support one another and we’re here to support you too – so please do come along and see us.

Our practice sessions are on Thursday evenings 7.30pm. If you would like to know more about the choir please get in touch via the email address below:
Jacqui White
Choir Director

Forthcoming events 

September 2018

The GCGC will be taking part in the following forthcoming events:

Saturday 1st September:

Elim Pentecostal Church (Newcourt Christian Centre)

1-3 Regina Road 

London N4 3PT

Gospel Concert 7.pm - 9.pm

Saturday 15th September:

Hornsey Moravian Church

Priory Road 

London N8 7HR

Gospel Concert 7pm - 9pm

Saturday 22nd September:

The Community Church of God

St Anne’s Road 

London N15 6EQ

Fundraising event for Jamaica Heart Foundation 

Gospel Concert 6.30 - 8.30pm

Saturday 29th September:

Campsbourne Baptist Church 

1-3 Campsbourne Road

London N8 7PN

Community Outreach Gospel Concert  7.pm - 8.30pm